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What We Collect

To maximise the money you can raise for your charity, please make sure to send us only items that we collect.

We collect new and used clothing of any age that is in good, saleable condition:

  • New and resalable women's, children’s and men's wear and genuine designer branded clothing
  • Vintage clothing of all kinds
  • Special occasion outfits
  • Shoes and boots: only new and 'nearly-new' (no slippers).
  • Accessories: scarves and all leather items such as belts, handbags, gloves (in pairs)


  1. Please do NOT include any branded goods that you believe might be faked. It is illegal for us to resell these, and although we check goods carefully something could slip through and damage the charity’s reputation.
  2. Please protect any fragile, sharp or hard edges.

  3. We don't collect:

    • Anything not listed above, including worn, damaged, faded, or stained clothing.
    • Bathrobes, ties, lingerie, underwear or nightwear.
    • Slippers or worn shoes.
    • Household textiles (towels, bed linen, etc).
    • Baby wear and toys.
    • Games, CDs, DVDs, books.
    • Bric-a-brac.