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How It Works

When you book a collection with us, the charity you choose will earn income based on the selling price of the items that are given to us, that we sell on our shop. The charity also earns income from any clothes that are not suitable for resale.

How much money do the charities earn?

The income that the charity depends on what you put in your collection bag, such as:

  • How full your sack is and how many items can be resold in our shop. Please try to include items that someone else might buy (see what we collect).
  • The quality, brand and selling price of the clothes that are resold. The better the quality of the items, the more money the charity will make.

What about other costs?

The average High Street charity shop contributes 22.8% of sales income* back to its parent charity. So on a £15 jumper, the charity makes £3.42. The difference is accounted for by costs such as rent, rates, wages, marketing, head office costs, and so on. (*Charity Finance magazine: Charity Shops Survey 2011)

Click Collection has costs too, of course. We collect from your door wherever you are in the UK. We use a safer courier process to combat the theft that is so common with other collections. But when all the sums are done we expect our multi-charity online shop to make a similar profit for our charities as High Street shops.

For example, a jumper sold in the Click Collection shop for £15 will make £3.37 for the charity that owns it. Another way to look at how much the charity will make is this:

Examples of Bags Collected Bag 1 Bag 2 Bag 3
Saleable items248
Ave. selling price£15.00£18.00£24.00
Retail revenue£30.00£72.00£192.00
Wholesale revenue (balance)£2.50£2.50£2.00
Total revenue£32.50£74.50£194.00
Operating costs (May 2012)£23.60£47.20£94.40
Our fee (5% sales)£1.60£3.70£9.70
Profit to charity£7.30£23.60£89.90
Return on sales for charity22.5%31.7%46.3%
Your reward points3000720019200

If you are donating clothes to support your chosen charity we hope this explanation is useful to help you maximise the value of your donation.

And remember: for every 100 Reward Points you've earned you get a discount of £1 on whatever you buy from our Shop – up to a maximum of 50% discount on any order!

Give a little, get a great deal!