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Donate Clothes

Please donate at least 25 items at a time. This keeps collection costs down.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Order Bags  
Put your donated clothes in a strong garden rubbish bag, or a rubble bag if you have one. (Carrier bags and ordinary refuse bags are not strong enough. Using them risks your kind donation being damaged and wasted). If you don’t have a suitable bag click on ‘Order Bags’ to ask for one and we will post it to you free of charge. Of course the best ‘green’ method is to re-use a free box avaiable from your local supermarket or ‘white goods’ retailer to pack your clothes in.

2. Fill Your Bags  
To minimise costs please send at least 20-25 items per bag/box.
Ideally this will then weigh 8 - 10 kgs.
Please take a look at What We Collect and only send suitable items.

3. Send your bags - free 

Thank you for your donation!

We will collect, sort and resell the clothes you donate using our many years of experience in the textiles market to raise as much money as possible for the charity. If your charity has chosen to have clothes sorted so the best items are resold in the Click Collection online charity shop you can be sure that your treasured items will not be sold too cheaply. They will make even more for the charity through Click Collection’s international customer base.